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Story/Chapter Title: Twists and Turns of Fate
Chapter: 1/?
Author: learnthemusic
Rating: R
Genres/Catergories: Romance, Drama, Het
Characters: Michael, Lincoln, Original
Warnings: Original Characters, Pre-Series, Drugs, Alcohol, Violence, Sexual Situations, Alternate Universe
Summary: Gangs, heroes, villains, loyalty, betrayal, chains and guns. Young Michael Scofield is drawn into the world of his only brother to help them both survive and protect the people they love.
Disclaimer: I don't own. Never have, never will. I would be honored to, though.
(A/N): I saw an Explore episode on the National Geographic Channel about MS-13, a Latin gang that originated in Los Angeles and spread into Central and South America. This made me think, "It would be cool for one of the brothers to be involved in a gang." Of course, it has to be Lincoln. One, because he's the oldest, and two, because he seems as if he would be more into gangs than Michael. Don't worry. There will be gang action for Michael.
I did research on White Chicago gangs, therefore I'm not making the names up. Amundsen is (or was) a high school in Chicago. This is Michael's school now and was Lincoln's. Lincoln's gang is the Chicago Gaylords, Chicago's most notorious gang. Thanks to Wikipedia for the information.
One more note (an important one). Because this is an AU fic, I'm making Michael an athlete. He's a baseball player. (Sorry; I'm obsessed with baseball; it's my favorite sport). Don't worry; there will not be any games on here (unless you want one). But there will be instances where he is sweaty from playing. Who doesn't like that?

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Prompt: Hero
Set #: 19
Claim: General Series
Fandom: Prison Break
Title: Heroic Coward
Author: learnthemusic
Rating: PG-13
haracter(s): Lincoln
Warning(s): Drabble, Adult Language, Post-Escape
Disclaimer: Don't own. Never have, never will.
Length: 200 Words
Summary: He isn't as brave as he may seem. Post-Sona 2.22
Author's Note: For the [profile] fivebyfictionchallenge, prompt Hero and [profile] pbhiatus_fic challenge two, 5 minutes later.

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Title: Two Devices Ago Were Smaller
Author: learnthemusic
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Lincoln, LJ
Warnings: Language, Pre-Series
Disclaimer: I don't own.
Prompt: "It's too big." foxriver_fic
Summary: Arguing in front of a showcase window has always been a tradition for the Burrows. It happens at least once a year; the only that changes is the apparatus of cause. Humor/Crack for the weary.
Author's Note: One-hour challenge at foxriver_fic. I even set the timer.

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Title: Trying to Keep the Clothing on our Backs
Author: learnthemusic
Rating: NC-17
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Michael/Sara, Lincoln, LJ
Warning(s): Sexual situations, Post-Escape
Summary: "I can't believe you're a doctor afraid of blood" "Nurse." "Whatever."  "Well, you're the one who had to burn yourself on your birthday." M/S fluff during the latest Prison Break hiatus.
Disclaimer: I don't own. Never have, never will. I would be honored to, though.
Prompt(s): Blood, Birthday
Set: #14
Claim: Michael/Sara
(A/N): The title is stolen from the lyrics of Nickelback's Too Bad. Written for

[profile] fivebyfiction and[profile] pbhiatus_fic . To explain one thing, Sara is now a nurse. She is still a certified doctor, though.



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Title: Behind the Wheel
Author: learnthemusic
Pairing: Michael/Lincoln
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I don't own. Never have, never will. I would be honored to, though
Prompt: Villain
Warnings: Incest, Alcohol, Pre-Series
Summary: The lesson always hits home once you've messed up horribly. He to the right entirely before skillfully twisting to straighten it.
Author's Note: Prompted by my second driving lesson where I actually got to drive, at about 18 mph. This is for [profile] fivebyfiction, even though it's overdue.

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Fandom: Gilmore Girls
Set: #16
Prompt: Envy
Claim: Rory/Jess
Title: A Calendar of Days Just for Her
Author: learnthemusic
Rating: R
Summary: Literati. Fluff. Post season seven. "Look, it's jealous." "What?" "The flower." "I love your insanity."
Disclaimer: I don't own. Never have, never will. I would be honored to, though.
(A/N): I got the title from How Do You Love by Collective Soul with a little alteration. It's a good song, check it out. By the way, the dates are 2007 dates, but that does not mean the story takes place in 2007. I decided to do that because it was easier than making up the dates. Written for [profile] fivebyfiction.

My table.
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Title: A Two A.M. Liaison
Author: learnthemusic
Rating: R
Paring: Rory/Jess
Warnings: Sexual Situations, Spoilers through season two, language
Disclaimer: If I don't own, you can't sue.
Summary: She says she’ll be okay. Doesn’t she always? It’s sort of hard to believe after the novelty wears off. She’s never really okay. She never will be.
Author's Note: Well, this is just a random fic that haunted me for a few nights as I developed it. I hope you guys like it. It’s a one shot, so don’t be mad if I don’t make a sequel to it. To tell you the truth, I don’t think I can make a sequel for it, just bear with me. I know you like to read long stories, but I want this to be a one shot and it can only be a one shot. No continuations. This is set in season three after Rory comes back from Washington, D.C. I think I’m making it take place in mid-September. Just so you know, this is a Lit. What else do I write? Seriously.

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Title: My Sacrifice
Author: learnthemusic
Rating: PG-13
Pairing/Characters: Rory/Jess, Chris, Matthew, mentions of Logan
Warnings: Spoilers through 'The Real Paul Anka', Original Characters, Sexual Situations, Episode Dialogue
Summary: My continuation to 'The Real Paul Anka. "I like the old you, but I miss the old you." "He comes out of hiding every once in a while." Continuations have never been so sweet.
Author's Note: Hey you guys! I’m finally writing the one shot about The Real Paul Anka. So, I have nothing to say and no background information is needed. Season six and the rest of the show/episodes have gone exactly the same. Nothing is different until Rory leaves Truncheon. That’s all. Chris is the name of the black guy. It really is. Not trying to be racist.
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Title: A Warm Winter Night
Author: learnthemusic
Rating: PG
Paring: Rory/Jess ('course)
Summary:Just a pointless oneshotter that came to mind after watching “ That’ll Do Pig.” Beware of fluffiness. You have been warned.
Warnings: Through 'That'll Do Pig'; may be some mistakes.
(A/N): This is my second fic ever. I don't like it that much, but I figured I would post so fluff. Enjoy.


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Fan-Fiction: Write or Wrong?
A contemplative look at whether fan-fiction is a good thing or not from the perspective of a writer who has written fan-fiction and is now attempting to write a first original novel.
by apmorison, Jan 5, 2007