Friday, 7 January 2011

TSN crack!meme

Friday, 7 January 2011 05:38 pm
isthisthelasttime: ((TSN) your magic trick does not impress)
So I was talking to Kelly today and it was interesting. We got off on a tangent about Jesse and Andrew donating sperm to Emma so she could be their surrogate mother if they decided to go off and be gay together, right?

And so I got to thinking and figured it would be awesome if there was a crack meme in this fandom. [ profile] tsn_kinkmeme is obviously still thriving, so I don't wanna detract from it and all the amazing requests and fills that are within its (currently) 12 pages.

But I think we all have a desire to request totally outlandish things in an anonymous manner, so, I bring you the THE SOCIAL NETWORK CRACK MEME.

Because these faces are cracky enough on their own.

{ rules }

- be polite
- request as much as you want (but do consider keeping a 1:1 prompt to fill ratio; aka for every prompt you post, try to fill a request so that we don't have many unfilled prompts)
- feel free to post anonymously (or not!)
- in the subject line, at least put the pairing (you can put a two/three/four/five word summary in it too, just follow the first comment)
- crossovers are allowed, as long as the actors or characters from TSN are represented in the prompt
- all pairings are allowed
- RPF/S is encouraged

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