Wednesday, 15 December 2010

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Notes: So, after a month of adding and removing songs to a playlist on iTunes called "[M+E] 1", I finally finished my first ever fanmix. I spent a lot of time deliberating who this mix would focus on and, after reading between the lines of almost 20 songs (no, the mix's not that long; I cut it down substantially), I concluded that clearly I'd had Eduardo in mind all along. At first, the songs don't scream his name at you but after you read the specific lyrics I've picked out for each song, you'll see where I was going with this!


Anyway, on to the story behind the music. It's fairly simple: Eduardo reminisces. It starts with facebook's move to Palo Alto and continues with the slow (or rapid, however you want to look at it) disintegration of his and Mark's relationship. Somewhere between "Answer Me" and "Constant Knot" is the climax of the film (A.K.A. the break-up scene) and "No One to Share the Blame" is the beginning of the lawsuit. "I Believe You, Liar" ends the suit but also marks Eduardo coming to terms with Mark's actions. The final two songs bring Eduardo to the point where he wants Mark back in his life, in spite of all the horrible things that have happened. He understands Mark's reasons, dislikes them, but wants Mark anyway. I added the bonus track at the last minute because I wanted the mix to have some kind of hopeful note. Otherwise, the ending's ambiguous enough that you might think Eduardo just spends the rest of his days wondering about what could have been. And, no, I couldn't have chosen a more creatively titled song. ♥

(side note: "No One to Share the Blame" is probably best taken as a Mark interlude, though I think the first verse is very Eduardo)

With that, I introduce you to . . .

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Title: Can’t get your memory off of my mind
Rating: PG-13 (barely)
Pairing: Mark/Eduardo (implied)
Summary: He sighs deeper, realizing that when Mark told him he wasn’t coming back to Harvard, he fulfilled his own prophecy. He left Eduardo behind.
Word Count: ~1,500
Note: I felt like if I didn’t post this now, I’d never post it. Wrote it Sunday night, left it to marinate. Not even sure it has a plot, but here you go. Title from “The Haunting” by Anberlin.

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